About Us

MD Scientific Glass Corporation manufactures and repairs high quality glassware for the scientific, pharma-ceutical, governmental, chemical, industrial, environmental, chromatography and laser industries as well as educational laboratories. MD Scientific Glass Corporations master glassblowers combine for over 60 years of experience fabricating and manipulating borosilicate and quartz into standard catalog items and sophisticated custom components. We also offer an endless list of reputable laboratory supplies and equipment for our customers. Our pride and workmanship is fueled by your convenience and complete satisfaction.
MD Scientific Glass supplies to all types of customers, small, large or direct distributors. Repairing a broken or damaged item could save up to 70-75% of the cost to replace with a new item. In many cases we offer a pick-up and delivery service for repairs on glassware. No matter your choice of manufactured borosilicate glass and quartz material, MD Scientific Glass Corporation can transform it into a completely unique custom design or a slight variation of any stock item